Thursday, September 22, 2011

International Peace Day 2011, At the Willimantic Public Library

Yesterday of course was the United Nations International Day Of Peace, which was celebrated worldwide, & truly there was no better way to spend the afternoon, then at the-

Children's Department of~

the Willimantic Public Library!

Some decades ago when we were living in Willimantic, & also South Windham, all in northeastern, Ct., I would either walk, or ride my bike to the library, & enjoy downtown Willimantic, with it's cool shops, & even popping into Ziezing Brothers Book Store, as they were one of the most unique independent book stores that I can remember. The Salvation Army Store, on Main Street, was another fun place to browse through, with a lot of their vintage items that were of course donated, but loads of fun to look at, try on, & eventually purchase. I had gotten this really cool retro, fake fur black coat, which I would wear in the wintertime when I was pregnant some decades ago with our two younger sons, it was big, loose, furry & fluffy, which helped get me through what always were very limited choices of fashion, back in the day.

Anyway back to the library~

Gail a most favorite of children's librarians, that's Gail in the first & last of today's photos, of who I so enjoyed working with this past springtime during my first visit back to the library representing the Peace Garden, was certainly on key for yesterday's Peace & Harmony Flag Making project. The featured book for the day was, "What Does Peace Feel Like" by, V. Radunsky, which became a very interesting discussion when one of the children answered, when asked by Gail; "What would peace smell like?" "Apple pie.", was what we were told, which certainly summed up, that wonderful fleeting hour of~ open minds & caring hearts!

The City of Willimantic is a very special place indeed, as the population is as diverse as any city in this country, but what makes it truly charming is that though it is a city, it always seems to have a hometown feel, as the amount of effort Gail & the wonderful staff at the library along with the people of the community put into the various programs in town, are always created with a full & open heart. Truly each child who participated was given the space & respect each child is due, as they were encouraged to express who they are, & encouraged throughout the project; sharing their own ideas, & unique designs. Not only was there immense talent in the creation for our project, but always on the part of the children, a sense of generosity in their choosing to share some of their very best work, to become part of this collective message of peace & harmony to the worlds people, when these flags finally do make their journey from our small corner of the world, to the UN, one day.

Thank you to all my friends at the Willimantic Public Library, you all really have set the bar, of what it means to help bring~ vibrant color, texture & sharing of unique design, to not only our ongoing UN Peace & Harmony Flag project, but to each & every human heart you so touch with your warm kindness & hospitality.

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