Monday, September 19, 2011

A Wonderful United Nations International Day Of Peace Event~

"Monday, Monday..." as The Mamas & The Papas, sang~
And truth be told, I wouldn't, "... stop that day... "

In all honesty, it was a real challenging night, as I just couldn't get to sleep, as it certainly had a lot to do with yesterday's Peace Day event, that our group the~
Putnam Interfaith Council / GPIC sponsored.

Yesterday's United Nations International Day Of Peace event, that we were all involved with in it's behind the scenes planning & leg work, is truly one of the most fulfilling projects that we work on every year. The GPIC is a very small group of spiritually minded individuals of the various faith communities, professions & all walks of life, with the theme of~ May Peace Prevail On Earth, being acted out, & worked on each & every day, to our very best ability of peace, love & understanding towards one another, in our working together to provide a time & place for the various peoples of our community to better know, understand, & celebrate the differences that we have as individuals, walking the walk, as we continue in our efforts of open dialogue to more clearly express who we are, knowing all to well that we are more alike, than not.


To read more about our local internationally sponsored event check out the link~

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