Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day After The Day, No Day Is Like The Other

There's nothing quite like the power & the glory of water; glorious, wondrous water, to remind one of just how changeable all things are...

September 11th will forever be a very severe & tragic reminder, for Americans, & all Citizens of the World of just how important working towards peaceful resolutions are, if we are all, to continue to be, & to never give up, never, ever, not even for a moment.

The river cries out, & rages in sections, but there are sections of peaceful calm, calling for reflection. And that's what I did this afternoon, after helping out in a faith based, fundraising project, I put on my big straw hat, & walked, & walked~ the river walk, in the beautiful September sun, & of this I was, & remain, forever, ever, so very thankful.


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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden


Summer Rose said...

Hehe, I love making shadow puppets :)

Mother Lightning said...

Yes, shadow puppets, as old as our stories from our cave dwelling times.
What a creative "comment", thank u*!