Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011 & From Whence We've Come...

Ninety-nine percent of us, are, & have been working people in these United States!

Yet our economy is fragile, & the workforce is suffering, this is the here & now, & really not a new story within the chapters of what it means to be an American. I haven't any long term solutions, all I know is what I've lived, & we've been taught, as per every individual in these United States. Labor Day Weekend has become a three day affair of bar-b-qs, picnics, trips to the beach & the like, which is excellent to do as we have all worked so very hard!
I suppose if I were to bone up on his/her story, I would probably be reminded that it all began with the Industrial Revolution. What does that mean to us all now...

Well for starters here in the northeast, especially after Hurricane Irene, & being off the grid for days upon days, it's a true "spark" of a recollection of just how dependent we've all become, including moi' of~ the sparking of Benjamin Franklin's kite flying adventure, that we all learned about in school, & also of dear ole Thomas Edison's, very first harnessing, with his very small, yet great invention~ "let there be light, bulb"!

So where are we now, well we've come a long way, but need to go further in the right direction of conserving fossil fuels, & learning more efficient, & affordable ways of tapping into what our one sustaining star has to offer. Solar, solar, solar, our way to a more sustainable path in our quest for renewable, clean energy, & true independence!

A Happy & Enjoyable Labor Day, to all the working, & former working people of this vast ~
United States of America!

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