Thursday, August 25, 2011

What Does Mr. Potato Head Have To Do With This Anyway...

A symbol of humankind's yearning for peace worldwide~

It's time to get back to the business at hand, Mr. Potato Head you need not fear for this next generation of Peace Potato Peeps will be out & about visiting a farmers market, & a Peace Day celebratory event soon. Perhaps near you!

Please join us for the 4th Annual
United Nations International Day of Peace
Sunday September 18th, 3-5pm
at B'nai Shalom
125 Church St., Putnam, Ct.

*Please bring donations on the day of the event of a non perishable food item, for Daily Bread's Food Pantry.

The above is a United Nations sponsored event, & brought to you by,
the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council & made possible this year by the generosity of~
B'nai Shalom, & all our featured guests, artists & contributors, of whom we are most thankful of their contributions & continued support over the years.


Post Script to this entry on 8/26/11, at 12:06 am~

An earthquake & a hurricane all on the east coast in less than seven days, what a reminder that we're all in this together!

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