Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Data On This Data, Part I

It's been just about over a week, since my last posting, my oh my, how time does fly....

There was a rather corny song in the early 70's sung by I think, Andy Williams as the theme song for the movie Love Story. The song & the movie were big hits, though for my own artistic taste, I gave the movie a fair notation, which I believe would be a C. I think Jennifer O'Neil stared in the movie, opposite her perhaps was, Ryan O'Neil. I really am not sure, & being I really didn't care much for the movie, I'm not even going to google it, but I will say the theme song was the best part, for who in my generation didn't just love the smooth rich voice of Andy Williams. Another known fact that after Love Story's debut the name Jennifer became very popular for new born girls, just about the number one girl's name in the early 70's, of that I am quite certain. Why even go into this you may wonder, well I guess it's from an organic need to explain, just give me a few more moments, & as Andy Williams sang- Where do I begin to tell the story...
The story I am about to tell, is not as dramatic of course, but a story, nonetheless...
& oye, it's quite the saga, of which I am living through right now, so let me go, & make some coffee, & I'll even dare to use that famous quote from the fallen yet former, Governor of California, good ole Arnold, & merely say-

I'll be back....


of which I now am,,,,

To start at the beginning is always a good thing, but I'll keep it brief-

There was a lot of activity here on the ole slope this recent weekend with multi generational comings & goings, in the midst of it all my very modest & lone ranger of a laptop, it seems it did receive an unintentional spritz of moisture, & this is where the story begins to unfold-
All in all, if this occurred on almost anything but, a certain piece of electronic equipment, it would have resulted in a non issue, but because the keyboard of a laptop is wired in as an integral part of it's computer, to be gentle & kind with my language here, I'll just for a moment, speak as Mork did, one of our favorite aliens, & say in those infamous words- non nu non nu !

"Five to seven days", is the popular & infamous phrase here now, as that's when the apple people will be in touch. Thankfully my files are backed up until 12/26/10, which is good, but not perfect, as there's been a lot of living of course since then, & what ever I've photographed since that date, is at risk of being erased. Do I need to say oh my, again, as yes I've been kvetching a bit for sure. But I do know that on a scale of what's important in life, this particular issue, though it's a big part of my ongoing creative projects, & sure, my bookmarks have vanished too, what is- is important, is truly indefinable, as anyone who knows me, knows that for sure. This particular topic, that I am going on about is just- stuff & data, data & stuff.

Life goes on in these here hills, in a most simplistic way, & thankfully so, amen, amen, amen. And now I can get back to working on my Peace Potato Peeps, getting them done in time for our local UN Peace Day Celebration, September 18th, 3-5pm at 125 Church St.
Putnam, Ct.


I'll be sure to keep you posted on the resolution of my computer status, until then my husband is most generously sharing this computer with me, but until I'm clicking along again from my own keyboard, there will continue to be a slowdown in the aspect of my being able to share any photos with you. So, instead for today anyway, let me see if I can find a link to a fav* artist, of whom I think will be included on the following posting, as I have yet to learn how to cut & paste on this computer or to embed anything in this entry, so it will be therefore on Part II, of which will be on the entry listings of the Peace Garden's postings for this August.
Oh that apple of knowledge & wisdom, ancient or modern, it so continues to allude.


Anonymous said...

Hey Friend, I'm so sorry about your Computer, I guess it's not singing "I'm Singing in the Rain" to Happily! I do have to tell you the Female in that picture was Ali Magraw...which sad to say at the time...Most girls wanted to look like. Even Me with my Blonde curly hair. LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Hi Barb, & thanks for the actress correction, ah yes, I do recall, Ali Magraw. Nonetheless, I found it to be just a fair movie, though it was a big hit, back in the day. It's really something, isn't it, how the Hollywood stardom scene so influenced what we wanted for our own hairstyles. I for one was influenced by the folk singers- Joan Bias [sp?], Judy Collins, & Mary of the PP&M Trio. Smooth, long beautiful strait hair, thus my years of hair straightening w/ harsh & dangerous chemicals during H.S.
Thanks for your comments, & input into today's hair discussion!