Friday, August 26, 2011

A Sort of Calm Before The Storm

On Tuesday 8/23/11, the eastern part of North America experienced an earthquake, something like 5.8 on the Richter scale. My husband & I were visiting with our son & grand kids, & on our way back to our neck of the woods we heard about it on an NPR radio news story. We were in the Htfd. area, doing errands, cycling & just hanging out with the extended fam*, & we did not experience even a tremor, but our son in D.C. did as his building shook & swayed, & he & his co workers evacuated from the 6th floor. His brother further up the coast in Boston also experienced the shaking of the building he was working in at one of the universities in the city. These experiences were relayed to us, & of which we were told were rather scary & unsettling, to say the least.

Fast forward, the world does turn, & things move fast~

Here it is now Friday 8/26/11, & we're in the midst of preparing for Hurricane Irene of which all the reports state this is to be considered a major storm event, not seen since some fifty years ago! Oh my!

This hurricane is to come in at N. Carolina, & is headed up the coast towards Maryland, which is of course close to D.C. where our son lives. Our friends on the Jersey Shore are already in the midst of an evacuation, & we have extended family in N.J., Long Island, & New York City, which may also be severely affected. Our New England fam* is of Ct. & Ma., with the storm due to arrive in New England on Sunday 8/28/11, that's only two days away, & already my husband said he was told that people were lining up at our local Stop & Shop, as early as 7am, before the store even opened.

Sooo... we're doing errands, getting things done, but truly one never really knows...
If I sound a bit anxious, that is a true assumption, as I tend by nature to be a rather mother hen, & quite the overly protective type, hence the peace garden here, but when it comes to aspects of nature, even the mother hen knows gather the chicks, & just take cover. My chicks of course, one of them that is, has chicks of his own, & he & our daughter in law, will do a good job I'm sure protecting their nest. Our other two are also fully grown adult men, & as much as I may wonder & fret, the practical side of me says, they will do aok. But, a mother of course is always a mother, & as Mother Nature, once again prepares to rock & roll us a bit, my thoughts are with you All*, for safety, wellness & peace.



A Post Script to this day; I pretty much became much like this, during our Y2K chapter,
hyper vigilant as us health care professionals would call it. And yes, I formerly was one of those, though I no longer consider myself to be in the health care profession, nonetheless hyper vigilant. What can I say, I'm pretty much hard wired into that, depending on the situation, as it is quite primal, a response deep down from- the "cave of forgotten dreams"!

So tonight it's a movie, The Help, though I haven't read the book yet, & dinner out perhaps, time will tell...

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