Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cyber Blue, Waiting For Hurricane Irene

My husband wanted me to take pictures of his sunflowers, as they are the first ones he has ever grown, of which I just did, & he just said-
"Just another summer day, but by Sunday there'll be a hurricane."

Cyber Blue


What I've learned Being on Facebook, Waiting for Hurricane Irene 2011

I know you asked
to be my friend

were we not friends, then too-

a new blue friend
what does that mean-
it all, it can't be true

For some we pick up where we've left
our lives and families times
we are the grand-ed era now
of this our highest high

some comment, and then click a "like"
and others not a sound
why did you ask to be my friend
for this I've asked so too-

What's true is on the profile page, we also have a wall
a modern, vibrant, cyber weave
of statements wrought from cues

Our lives ethereal thoughts and cares
perhaps, oh just perhaps
perhaps this social network place
connecting near and past~

if we so choose
to play, no games
to seek with minded minds
to not offend
true friends we know
a rhythm of the heart

it makes it real
to know you're there
not flat upon a page
our friendship's true of substance fare
since history began


And so concludes today's entry to the Poetry A Muse In Motion project, as all of us along this eastern seaboard continue to prepare for, & await as best we can, for Hurricane Irene. We all, will continue to hope & pray, that everyone remains safe from harm here, there & everywhere.

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