Saturday, August 27, 2011

As We Enter Another Eve of Hurrcane Irene

Hurricane Irene made landfall this AM in North Carolina, according to the news reports it is now in the Maryland Chesapeake Bay, & D.C. areas, heading for the New Jersey Shore. This entire week, has been an overall geography lesson of the U.S. & my goodness, the northeast coast is big, as is this hurricane!

At 11am today, we went outside to take the furniture & plants off the deck, & also did a sweep down at the Peace Garden, putting some objects in the trailer of our mower & then getting them into the barn. I suppose there's even more stuff in the yard, but enough is enough, as I finally wrenched my back out a bit, so that's it for now.

Am I stressed... , well I was. Now I'm just plain exhausted, & want it to be over in a good safe & positive way. Nothing more, & nothing less.

Thoughts & prayers of safety, health, safety & wellness, to each & everyone.



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