Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Surf Was Up As The Sun Was Going Down

An end of the day, remains of a child's castle, with seaweed moat, I just couldn't resist this one...

The surf was up, & we were up for it. Sure we could have gone to the track & got our walk in, doing the necessary exercise that one must do, but instead a light dinner at a local deli, a walk on the beach, with views for miles & miles... Now who ever could refuse an ocean view, & we certainly were no exception. It was just the right way to end the day, & we were up for a walk along the coast. Besides a walk is a walk, & barefoot on the beach is always the best!

For a change of pace my husband suggested Napatree Point, at Watch Hill, R.I. To walk along the sands of time, which of course it is, as this particular beach is the very first one, we brought our eldest son to as an infant, thirty-eight years ago, & thereafter his two brothers too. This was to be our first time back to this beach in several years.

As the sun took it's time setting in a perfect sky, with clouds from deep to light, a spectrum seen a zillion times, all over the world; yet each & every time I see the colors of a sunset, it's as if seeing it for the very first time, & so we marveled at it's sheer beauty, innocence & the blessings of this perfect pause, in time.

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