Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankfulness & Gratitude, Tis' The Season*

Ok, the Thanksgiving Day countdown is upon us. Just five days including today to get our home cleaned & spruced up, plan the details of our meal, & get all the advance food prep done that benefits from being prepared in advance. The desserts usually are a good one for this category.

We got a lot done yesterday in the raking department, & for Dolly it was one of her best days. Romping around the yard with her humans out there to show off to, & for her to watch over us. Which she just loves to do. Participating in the usual go fetch games, of which she's good at, but doesn't always return the item. When we're out there in the yard, my husband usually finds bits & pieces, the remnants of various chewed items, such as a plastic pipe, a piece of wire.... You name it, she really is the goat I never had. She'll chew absolutely anything.

So for this part of my "Thankfulness List", I can honestly say that I truly am thankful that Dolly's placement with us, has finally worked out. She's adjusted very well to the electronic perimeters of her assigned acre, & though she's still a very high energy critter, she remains true to her core of being a very sweet & loyal companion. Her one main assignment of keeping the deer out of our gardens has proved immensely successful. Dolly will definitely enjoy her second Thanksgiving here with us, & our fam.*, [I just know] will recommend many a treat from the leftover platter of scraps. For me that's the fun part, sharing this upcoming meal with my unusual quirky dog, who really did, pick me out of a crowd, by knowing just how to win my heart. Yes, it's "wuff, wuff" Dolly to you too, when she barks that is, for she is very, very quite, which is just her style.


As we speak I'm preheating the oven--
I've had a batch of dried cherries, soaking in the fridge, with plans on pureeing them into a fruit butter of sorts. Viola' , success, & am now in the process of doing one of my baking/experimental projects. I added some local wildflower honey to the cherry butter batch, & the muffin batter is loaded with all sorts of earthy crunchy ingredients including two kinds of cinnamon. One variety just a generic, with no origin labeling & the other is a real hefty flavor from Viet Nam. I decided to mix the two, as one is a bit too light, & he other a bit too heavy. Well the buzzer to my oven just went off, & the pre prep aspects are all in place. This will be a triple batch as I'm in hopes of being able to send some as far away as Israel. It has been a problemo since many of us went "E" in our routines of communications, as I now longer can get my hands on some of the snail mail addresses I need, including one as far away as New Zealand.

These muffins should have a good flavor, hopefuly not too sweet, but sweet enough, or as Goldy Locks used to say-- "Just right.", & of course I'll keep you posted.

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