Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seizing The Day

Today's not totally jelled, but I'm considering a short out of town jaunt to the Aveda Store, as my tube of o3/sweet tea is just about gone. I've tried Almay's brand of liquid makeup, & just can't talk myself into thinking it's just as good, for the tone is slightly flat in the light, & hence, not as much fun to wear. I want to refurbish my makeup, as I am planning a trip out to Philly the end of the week, to spend time with some dear friends. One of our friends has been battling an illness for some years now, & I just want to go out their way to extend an extra set of hands. We live hundreds of miles away, & miss them very much. I hardly ever travel out of New England alone, & this is of course one of those situations of which I am choosing to step outside of my comfort zone for a few days to make this heartfelt visit. The train is the way to go for me, as it has always been my very first mode of transportation.

For today, of where I'm at now, my husband suggested-- "Get outside, take a walk in the woods. Write again after that, & compare your tone after being outside."

That's a good idea for no matter what it is I may be trying to solve, [extended family related topics of the general Thanksgiving Day stuff] which has been ongoing, or connecting the dots for living a life-- "Rome wasn't built in a day."
Dolly & I will just have to go outside, & catch some rays. Who knows how long this fleeting sun will last, but she's always game, & why not. Nothing like sharing time with a sweet pup, who every day in every way reminds her human to-- live in the moment & "seize the day".


End Of The Day Thoughts:

All in all, things worked out quite well today. I couldn't find an Aveda Shop for the makeup, but a really nice salesperson at the Maul's bookstore did an online search for me, & it seems the economy took it's toll on my brand of makeup, & I'll either have to travel farther, or just do an online purchase.

Our friends in Philly seem to have reached a good plateau in the health crisis which was relayed over the weekend. And we were able to postpone a visit out that way, for until when my husband & I could travel together. Ultimately that makes it better for all of us, especially our Philly friends who are dealing with oh so very much, & of whom we remain prayerfully hopeful.

This morning a young hawk flew by my kitchen window, & then perched himself out on the deck for a few minutes. He was perched facing away from me, looking straight out into the woods. He then took his head & did a 180 degree turn, & looked me straight in the eyes, & after a few minutes, did another 180, back to the view in the woods. The bird life & the wild life that inhabit our corner of the world is truly a presentation of nature in all her glory. It was an ordinary day today, but no day is really ordinary. We make plans, we change plans, we forge, we gather, we reach out, we connect. "All's well that ends well."

Amen, Amen, Amen


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