Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Comfort Of Comfort Food & More--

I have been hesitant up until this time, trying ever so hard not to include anything that may be too, too sad. I think I have made it up until this point in time--

We have a very dear friend who for years has lived so very far away from where we reside. We met our friend "G" through his wife, "N". She & I became good friends some twenty years ago, when are then, both youngest children were attending a preschool program together. Their family had moved several times since living in our neck of the woods. The latest & most recent of locations is Philadelphia, which is the hometown of where my friend "N" grew up. "G" on the other hand was born & raised in England, & lived in the region of where James Herriot's stories took place.

"G & N" met so many years ago in England when my friend was spending some time there after her trip to Israel. It truly is a romantic story which I absolutely loved hearing during the time "N" allowed me to interview her for a Psychology class assignment, back in the day.

And now our dear friend "G" who for a very long time has been battling a very aggressive illness, for so very long, of which those of us in the wide, wide circle, who are honored to be among that circle of friends, are troubled & saddened, for we know that his condition is changing rapidly.

I am consciously including these thoughts today, in the Peace Garden. For though life, is dear, beautiful & precious, we all know that our days are numbered, & it is the choices we make each & every day, ultimately that affects the quality of our own, & mutual precious gardens. I am very saddened & contemplative at this time, for it is my way. I am baking a creation that is both "sour & sweet", is that not life. The sour with the sweet, the good with the bad, the yin & the yang, the agony & the ecstasy.

When I would discuss authors with our friend "G" so many years ago, at the beginning of this unbelievable medical journey he is traveling I mentioned Solzhenitsyn. It gladdened my heart to know we shared such an author as one of our favorites. As our friend "G" is also a favorite, & in our hearts we journey with him. This baking of a simple yet in depth comfort food, does in some ways help. As my friend "S" who lives in Israel said many years ago, "Food is a prop.", of which we can all agree, as it fills all the senses, & "food is also sustenance & love".

Today is also my brother in law's 65th Birthday, & my brother's 51st.

Please, "so help us God"; fathom, the bitter & the sweet.