Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peace For Korea, Her People, & All The World

In a few hours my day's outward orbit will begin-- The Post Office is my first stop, next the Train Station, as our son is coming in for the holiday weekend. Also a few errands are in the works, & whatever else needs to be included for this pre Thanksgiving "To Do List". Tonight we are hosting an Interfaith Service, of which there will be music & prayers for peace, good will, tolerance, support & acceptance among the faith communities.

Definitely a small microcosm of the world. One can continue to hope that one day, Nations will conduct themselves, in a manner of the finest level. These are modern times, & even with what is presently going on in Korea, & the seas off her coast, our hopes, & prayers for peace will remain true, like the constant tide. People are just that, people. True some apples are not the best, yet war is never the answer.

Truly, peace be with you.


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William said...

Peace be with you, too. Happy Thanksgiving, neighbor!


Bill & Marcia