Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Muses Have "It"

Today I listened to Leonard Cohen's music. His music always has the ability to take me to a very good, yet contemplative place. This mural of Sol Lewitt shown above also transports me, but in a different way. Here we have a large, bright & bold public work of art, in a very opposite tone when comparing it to Leonard Cohen's music. Yet I like them both, which is of course for different reasons. For me this geometric mural is a reminder of how to take what we see, no longer for granted, & pop it out, wake it up, & spread it out there, griding it along the way with black bold lines, again reinforcing a message that what we are viewing "is" very bold indeed.

That's my view today, which of course is subject to change, just like the New England weather we live & breathe, in our corner of the world. Until another day.
All of the Arts, so expressive, & so, so, very "us". Indeed.

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