Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Deed Is Done & Election Results Are In

Election Day 2010 is now history, & what an event. Some of it of course became over the top, with the on & on, of campaign advertisements, & signs, all of it, so littering the natural landscape, & of our minds too, nonetheless , we have arrived !

It has been said that, "the people get the government that they deserve". I personally know of an individual who is a politician, have known him since high school, & can honestly say he is an upstanding & honest person. His name is John Larson. John has been reelected to the United States Congress for the 7th time. Many years of my growing up time was in the working class town of, East Hartford, Ct., from where John is from. He makes it a point to stay in touch with his constituency. His excellent work in Congress is for the "average American", for Connecticut & beyond.

This new session will be different & challenging, & I will remain hopeful that each individual who is part of our Government, will allow themselves to remember that we can achieve what it is we need to do, but first & foremost, political parties aside, it must be for the "greater good", of every American.

Yes, it will take hard work, determination & much more than luck. What we also need is for Americans to stay awake in the process of helping one another walk the path. Democracy is a living & breathing process, all of us have this "great responsibility", to make it work.

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