Friday, November 5, 2010

A Prisms Mind's View

It certainly was a very busy week, & now that we're home on the range, perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow. You never know with our New England weather, but the forecast looks promising. On Monday our 27 year old son, was officially sworn in as an Attorney in the Connecticut Supreme Court. It was one of those days when as parents we truly felt a deep appreciation, knowing that as a family we have been able to support one another in attaining our various hopes & dreams. Those were my thoughts, intertwining with the present, thinking back to when our family was growing up. It was best described by my husband as we walked down those mighty Supreme Court steps just four days ago, in Hartford. "It is really something, to think, that my own father, sold pies from the back of a truck, & our sons, all now, have their college educations.". It was those words, that he had expressed, on those very steps, that truly brought the experience, right home, straight to the heart.
On the next day we voted, & for us, most truly, an American experience, as we live & breathe.


On a much lighter note, this evening my husband & I went to see Bruce Willis's, all star cast movie "Red". We give it a solid "good", nothing great, but a real good, over the top, satire. Not necessarily worth a trip to the movies, but a good future Net Flicks or rental choice to keep in mind.

Tomorrow may be a good day to get out & rake, & to also get Dolly some more bones, as she's pretty much chewed her last for now, & it would be good for me to remember to restock for her, on a more regular basis.

We have plans in the works for this weekend & eventually I hope to get myself motivated to pull together some of the loose ended projects I've had my mind on getting done before this year comes to an end. Now that Dolly's pretty much acclimated & settled in & now that I have some of my outstanding commitments & projects somewhat done, it's time to go forward with further completions & bring in the color. It is autumn after all, & with a bit of sunshine all things are possible.


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