Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Skies Countryside, This Thanksgiving Weekend

Above is the beginning of a new Audubon Center for our neck of the woods. We are so looking forward to what will prove to be a very exciting & stimulating mecca, for the nature lover in all of us.

When we got home this afternoon, who should be there to greet us, but our pup Dolly. She's come a long, long way & continues to be a loyal & loving pet.
"Woof, Woof," to all you dog lovers out there!

I'm really fortunate. My husband & I are such complete opposites. He's one of those; go, go, go, go, go types. And me, well, not as much so. He's quick, & always on the move. And for me, all I can say is that my nature tends to lend me to being a bit too sedentary, mulling over this & that. All right already. Yes, today I finally did it, I busted a move- early this afternoon we went on one of our Audubon walks. One of our favorites, that we love so very much. We even met up with some friends of ole'. These friends go way back to when our youngest son, & their oldest son were in grade school together. It was a nice serendipitous surprise & one of the nicest things of all, about our living in a small, quaint town.

The photos above, are just a tiny microcosm of the day, beginning of course with the pure & simplistic view of just one of many tacks of land that has been put into a nature preserve, protected from all future development, for all of time. Just one of life's miracles, the beauty of nature, of which this gal, from the Bronx, is so truly thankful.


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