Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Pea Picking Garden

Ken showed us what kind of pods to look for, the ones that are plump are the best pick he said.
Peg had just introduced Ken & I to each other, not only was he most welcoming, but he took his time showing me the various details of the garden sharing a lot of information regarding some of his methods of how he would approach things...
The peas above on their vines, with some turnips at hand & a carrot just about to see the light of day..
And really how does one refuse a fresh head of cabbage from the cabbage patch, I know I couldn't.

Good day one & all, a beautiful summer day today!
The seasons of a lifetime, always turning, forever changing...

Last night some very heavy duty storms rolled in across the country. Our son who lives in D.C. said it was really quite turbulent with 75 mph winds in the city. He also said that the police were literaly directing the people to take shelter. I heard about the storm early this morning on the news while checking my emails. Our other friends who live along the Jersey Shore said it was like a hurricaine coming through. Thankfully everyone we know are all safe & well, & hopefully all by you are too.

This morning when I checked my email around 7:30 or so, what would I find but a delightful note from my friend Peg. Peg is my friend who she & I co authored a childrens book together, she invited me to join her literally for a mid morning garden venture. Am not by nature a morning person, yet I know most of the world is, nonetheless have been rising early these days, as it seems when I think so much of what concerns me during my waking time, it is with me even in the far reaches of my sleeping mind.

After a quick breakfast of oatmeal fortified with wheat germ, oat bran, raisins, & several cups of coffee of course, I was in good enough shape to don my pair of navy scrubs, & a fave faded red tee with the porqupine island logo. Oh yes & a short version of some Peppi Longstocking type socks to pull over the legs of my pants as a barrior for ticks.

It was a wonderful morning. How my friend Peg knew it was just what I needed, I really can't say. She just knew! Oh it was just so wonderful to be out there in this marvelusly remarkable
garden. Gardening for nutritional sustance has never been a skill I've litereally cultivated. It has always facinated me, but being I've always been a hands on kind of learner I have never had the opportunity to learn this skill throughly. Ken the warm & welcoming person of whom this garden belongs to has offered it up for limited membership to individuals in the community. And what an exciting venture this is to be! I visited Ken's Community Garden for the first time this morning & ventured down the rows of peas, beets, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, turnips, potatoes, & more... It was a lot of fun to pick all these beautiful organic vegetables, espically since over a bit of time I've seemed to have lost that loving feeling towards cooking, but now I'm hooked! Fresh organic veggies from the garden, & being out there in the fresh country air which is a good thing, as it forces me to push myself out there, & as I look around this beautiful abundant garden it reminds me to not take all of life way too seriously, as we all have our seasons.

A special thanks to our friend Ken who through his generosity of sustainable organic gardening is of course a special individual who we feel fortunate to have connected with in our own individual yet interconnected gardens of life!

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