Wednesday, June 6, 2012

United Nations One World Festival

It's been several months since visiting with you all here at the Peace Garden, since then like all of us so very much has occured in this small space.  As my extended family & friends know my mother continues to be in the midst of a very serious illness.  The elder of my two brothers, David, he & I rescued our mother from her situation down in Forida which began at the end of December 2011.  As of March when our mother was able to travel, & we ourselves had our own situations taken care of & in order so we could travel down there to bring her home.  Since then it's been many a rocky road, for she has had two additional hospital admissions since her arrival back.  All in all since January of this year our mother has had two majory surgeries, & also another additional hospital admission.  Thankfully she is stable at this time, & weve been able to take in a deep breath of this season.

I have not posted much since March 2012 as I didn't want to get into a mode of e-emoting.  So there, we have it, the main reason I have not be blogging due to a mood that has not been all too colorful.  But springtime is here, no matter the rainy weather it brings, & like any season in life there is always a silver lining.  The silver lining I have experienced has of course been the wonderful support of my husband, our adult children, & my friends who really do understand, & are ever so caring & thoughtful.  I thank everyone so very much for just being who they all are, very fine helpful & thoughtful individuals.

Am closing this posting really quick as my husband & I will be off fairly soon to visit my mom in order to share a little of life's sunshine her way too.  For all of the Peace Garden's friends out there I wanted to be sure to put out this link of what the United Nations will be sponcering this month.  If you have the opportunity to attend it certainly promises to be an unforgetable event,~  a reafirming of our hopes for a loving & peaceful world.

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Mother Lightning said...

The upcoming UN One World Festival really does sound wonderful. If u* do get to attend, please email me at~
as I would so love to hear from u*. This event is of course right up there on my wish list, & if I do get to go I'll be sure to share the experience here at the Peace Garden.

ttyl, & w/ love & peace always,

Mother Lightning