Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mavis Staples & Bonnie Rait

We were off to Mohegan Sun last night to attend a concert of icons.  First on stage was Mavis Staples & her fam*, & what a penetrating performance they all gave.  Deep, strong music that goes back some sixty-two years as Mavis told us, with Papa Staples way back then leading the pack.  With references of Martin Luther King, & our  country's dream era it was nearly impossible for this fan to hold back the tears, but no matter when it's heartfelt, that's what it is!

Bonnie Rait was the headliner of last evening's performance of which she too held back nothing.  Her deep true voice, also soulful just about brought the house down with some of her classics.

My husband & I are not too keen on the casino scene, & we can certainly understand the Native Americans need to do something creative in order to earn a decent income for the people of their tribes. After all it was the invasion of the Europeans hundreds of years ago that forced the tipping point, & later of course a true lack of honesty & integrity on behalf of the U.S. Government.  The casino gambling scene must have seemed the only way out.

We only go to to one of the casinos in our state once in a blue moon, & when we do it is always with mixed feelings as we don't approve of, or support gambling & seeing the multitudes of people risking their hard earned incomes playing for chance does cause us both unsettling thoughts & concerns.  But then we just have to keep walking, knowing ever so well that gambling is just another aspect of an addiction be it for pleasure or sport, no matter the motivation.  And as we wrestle with these thoughts we always seem to speak a loud, we find our way through the maze, looking for the music scene of which is our planned purpose for an evening of what proved to be superb in all of it's musical heartfelt renditions!

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