Thursday, June 28, 2012

Am Only Human~

Am only human, when I share a thought
Am only human when I need to talk
Am only human that calm's my mind
Am only human this here's a rhyme~

Am only human yes it's a quest
Am only human doing just my best
Am only human there can you tell
Am only human can't unring the bell

Am only human I know you know
Am only human my heartbeat goes
Am only human sure's been a trip
Am only human some say it's hip

Am only human if we knew better
Am only human been on a tether
Am only human yes been reigned in
Am only human my thinking spins..

Here on our planet multi molecules
We'll all sing one a blaring a tune
Some days it's worth it, all days it is
We're only human it's what it's been...


These past two postings have been part of the Peace Garden's ongoing~ Poetry A Muse In Motion project, of which we thank you all so very much for all your caring visits.

1 comment:

Mother Lightning said...

This poem was orginaly composed online & then posted quite late last night. All it took was a re read w/a cup of coffee this AM to know that the rythmn flow needed a bit of fine tuning.

I think it's better now, not perfect, but that's ok~

am only human.