Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forgiveness An Enduring Exercise~


my eve of self discovery
I shook it up
the u & i
we children in
in space
& time
there is no time in space

an anger deep was ever mine
it touched my spine
my very soul
no not your fault
or nor was mine
it is what was
it is


After this poem was written the author Norman Cousins came to mind, as I thought of his groundbreaking book Anatomy Of An Illness, which so many of us read decades ago. I still keep it at the top of my list as it was truthful, & ever so influential to essential aspects of the~ mind, body medicine movement.

As not to muddle the artwork shared above with letters of text, & such am including the credits just below of the wonderful artists who have shared their enduring talents~

Painting #1 } Remedios Varo, 1908-1963 La Liamada [The Call] 1961

Painting #2 three segments} Hollis Sigler, 1948-2001 To Kiss the Spirits:
Now This Is What It Is Really Like 1993

The photos of the paintings above are part of the permanent collection of~
The National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington, D.C.

The last three photos were taken at what truly is another special place worth visiting~
the U.S. National Arboretum
Washington, D.C.

I thank you ever so very much for visiting today at the Peace Garden, & look forward to our future time together on yet another page.
We wish you peace true peace.


Anonymous said...

Always a Rich and Rewarding read at your Blog Page, Cheryl. When we Forgive, we are then able to move on. Life is a Book in its self, and we are the Writers of each Chapter...Just some thoughts of my own.
I believe Norman Cousins also said, "Laughter is the Best Medicine"!
I Loved the pictures as well Cheryl. I've missed coming to your Blog, things have been hectic. But I'm so glad to have stopped by today, for now I leave with a Smile a upon my Face dear Friend!

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* for your caring & most positive comments, it means a great deal Dear Friend.

Laughter & Smiles, always the best for the soulful heart.