Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking Time During Life's Seasons

It's taking a bit of time, but am working on getting those creative juices flowing again. Working out in the Peace Garden doing tons of mulching is helping greatly. When life presents challenges it is best, as for all I'm sure, as an ole Broadway song thus went,... to pick oneself up & start all over again. And am doing it, but it's never been easy.

Enjoy the Tonys tonight one & all. Oh to see a Broadway show once again, just love those NYC family roots!

As we speak my husband has just completed cycling 40miles, he & a good friend of ours are participating in a fund raising cycling event for the Diabetes Foundation. They are cycling somewhere along the Rhode Island coastline, which sounds good, for along the shoreline there are less hills, & here in New England we are always climbing the mountain~

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