Thursday, September 30, 2010

Classical Guitar Music So Good, On An Inclement Day

Another socked in gray rainy day, here in the northeast, what ever to do.....

Well I know it won't be a day of sunshine & the like, but we New Englanders can deal, so for the most part I'll do what I do best, & no matter the soaking that will be coming our way later, my good ole reliable LL Bean hooded trench coat will continue to serve me well. Dolly's already outside for the day, she's a rugged mutt, & always finds a way to have her comfort needs met. I guess she, I &, so many others have that in common with Obama. Many of us are just beautifuly souled mutts, doing the best we can, with what has been given to us. Some of course are better than others in regards to reaching & taking advantage of opportunities.

Many of my generation still have stories to tell, tucked away in the family closets & attics. It is a real challenge knowing that many live with a thin veiled coating, of which its removal is that of a predetermined time & truly beyond our notion of control. Will one feel better, more complete once their story is told? This I can not say, only that the weight of it, as thin as it is, does become heavier over time, for it is always there. For myself I've taken steps to remain open & flexible, this does lighten it, but it is forever, & may always be, but it is a story that needs to be told. Human beings can be known to think way too much, but that too is part of our condition, the going in, & going so deep into thought. For me aspects of Buddhism is a most appropriate approach to some of these dilemmas, as part of the teachings, & lessons are to "release, let go", "non cling", to "meditate", & "clear the mind". In a culture of Judaic-Christian teachings & thought, of which I was raised, I must say that I find the Buddhist approach most important & necessary, for-- "clear mind", "thought" & "deed", as I continue to keep the faith of my youth. By doing so, I honor my ancestors, & the stories that we know.

So help me God.

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