Friday, September 3, 2010

Intense Dog Training, But With Fun Intended--

These lessons were given by Susie, one of Dolly's trainers, just yesterday--

Dave is the trainer that worked with Dolly this morning, [he's right below this comment] It was a fun session, as she enjoyed fetching the ball, & is a pretty quick learner. All in good time, for our little student.
Today's lesson was fun, because it incorporated learning boundaries with play.
Now it's just a matter of Dolly & I practicing so we can continue to make good progress, & freedom will be just around the corner.

Both yesterday & today, Dolly & I have been in intense training for this new phase of her life. It's a lot of "leg work", but all in all very basic.

She's making great progress, & it has been so worth it. She's happier & I'm happier, as we go further forward, towards her new "freedom"!

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