Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Go To The Dentist, Others Just Chew & Chew...

Here it is nearing the end of September, our weather has been of the tropics, rain wise that is. The sheeting sounds hitting the ground are strong & steady with no let up in site. These have definitely been dog day afternoons, but not of what usually comes to mind.

Dolly has by now been quite a success in her Invisible fenced in yard, only one major hitch here-- excessive energy, & a strong need to chew & do I mean chew. How's this for a recent menu: passenger seat of a car, black umbrella & a hard bounded book. Yes, dear Dolly does not discriminate, so what if it was the same seat she originally tried to devour last year during her recovery time from routine neutering surgery. What is new to the menu here is the umbrella & the book. Mere hordes that didn't satisfy I guess & didn't satisfy us either. It was my husband's car & things, & now our mutual grief I am sorry to say, as Dolly is presently on probation, a borrowed time of sorts. Will we solve the destructive patterns of my rescue dog? Will I be able to adapt, & provide the correct environment for her to thrive, but for her not to totally drive me nuts?

Who's training who here, & who really deserves "The Golden Bone", on this long & winding road of dogie rehab? Maybe it's finally time for me to bark on over to "Betty Ford" out in California. If I scrape together a few bones I may be able to afford it. I hear it's a pay per patient facility, no insurances accepted. Maybe our health plan would reimburse, if I barked loud & hard. There, I've chewed on that one long enough.


Post Script; I forgot to mention-- Dolly also partook of my husband's cell phone. For a while we couldn't find it, & thought "Let's just call the number & see if she rings."
Well we found it, no need to call, & let me say this: Her choice for dessert was a bit on the pricey side. I forgot what the bill is going to be for me to replace this phone, around $90.00, I think. I don't know, is it time to call the Dog Whisperer yet? "Dolly go ahead, you call, I hear he's very nice."

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