Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Evening In Cambridge

Boston, a quaint city on the Charles.

Some of Boston's popular transportion modes....

Checking out the Frank Gehry building on the MIT campus. Interesting style don't you think?

Our son recently moved to Cambridge just a few towns over from where he had lived for the previous couple of years. He's closer to his job & the practice space he goes to for The Bynars band practice is now closer too. It was really very cool to visit him yesterday. We think he will like where he is. If not he can always chose another location. Boston is a big, yet a small enough city to find what you need. He's always been good at doing that. As parents especially when the youngest is out on his own, & our nests become rather empty, we do miss them, as
they all live some miles from us now. Our three adult sons, including our eldest who is married to our lovely daughter in law, of whom we have our two wonderful grandchildren,
are all within a most reasonable travel for us to get together & be with. When we do, our enjoyment in seeing them in their own environments, navigating in their own chosen worlds, is a blessing I never, ever take for granted. Especially at this time of year, which for my heritage is most special now, for we are approaching the Jewish New Year-- "Rosh Hashanah".
A most Healthy & Happy New Year to one & all.


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