Monday, September 13, 2010

Peace Day In The Park

Firewalker speaking on the importance of peace & tolerance, of the different world religions.
The flags were fun to do, & very cheery to see, as the day was a bit lacking in natural sunshine, but the warmth in spirit, was shared by all in attendance.
Peg, & Janet, being creatively busy at the Peace Garden's table, decorating peace flags.
Some of the focal points for the bean bag throw.
Uncle Rhubarb opened the day's event,
with their fine mixture of voices & instrumentation.
Above is our friend Aysenur, representing the Muslim community & sharing a prayer.
Alan our community Rabbi & Firewalker, representing his tribe, having a bit of time in thought.
Pam & Lyn, on the ready for the bean bag toss.
A few more flags being decorated....
with Janet adding so very much to the overall project.
Echo Uganda a most unique musical group, added their voices & musical talents, to what proved to be a very special day, with a message that has no end....

Yesterday, 9/12/10 we held our local International Day of Peace, at Rotary Park in Putnam, Ct. Our numbers may have been small, but our hearts remained big on the topic. With prayers, colorful activities, & a beautiful setting we kept the faith.

"May Peace Prevail On Earth", in all times, places & settings. So help us God.

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