Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, As We Travel & Do What We Do, We The American Worker--

A new week has begun. I am continuing with the training program that was set up for us by the Invisible "peeps". Dolly & I are making good progress. It won't all come together over night, but eventually she will be "Invisibly" secure in the yard. What is really great about this process is she will have approximately an acre to run, romp & play in, each & every day. Now that's what I call, a quality, dog's life!

We had a meeting of our organization that is planning the local Peace Day event. So far so good. Flyers have been distributed, the local medias have been well informed, & my peace flags are ready to do their thing.... I've shared the photos of some flags before the event, & I will be sure to share some photos of them after the event too.

On this coming Tuesday 9/7, a friend from our Greater Putnam Interfaith Council of which is holding the event, she & I, will be on our local radio station on Tuesday at 4PM, on radio station WINY, out of Putnam, Ct. , to talk about the upcoming International Day of Peace, to further inform our community.

So those are just some of the items of what has gotten done, but only some, with more adventures to follow, as I will certainly share on the next posting.


JLink52 said...

I was just searching for info on this event. I am a Putnam resident and have only seen the banner at Tarr Field as any indication the event is going to happen. As someone who gets all her info online, I'd love it if you would consider trying to get more visibility for the event through Putnam's website calendar, or facebook, or an ad in the Norwich paper online..

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U*, for your positive input & comment. I will pass your suggestions on to the other folks in the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council, of who is hosting the event, & of which my husband & I are also members. I hope U will stop by The Peace Garden's table to make some "peace flags" with us, on the International Day of Peace 9/12/10 @ 1pm, Rotary Park, in Putnam, Ct.

As our Peace Pole states in 8 languages--
"May Peace Prevail On Earth"