Monday, April 4, 2011

Some May Say "Arf Arf", But We know They Are Saying "Go Huskies"!

The cost of these photos were two dogie treats, & a bowl of dinner, a price agreeably paid for at the Peace Garden. Here's Dolly making moi' her pet compaion very happy, as she sits for a most priceless portrait of a pooch who knows how to share the beauty of team spirit! Go UCONN!

Someone here is going to "root, root root for the home team..."

We cetainly hope they will win. Two stong teams, up against each other, & I'm sure you can tell who all the Connecticut Yankees are going to be rooting for this evening....


"Woof Woof to you too Dolly, yeah your team pulled it off-

Butler 41

Definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood-

Congratulations UCONN Huskies & fans, you are the pride of Connecticut, & are our National Champions!!!!!!!!!

This is UCONN's third time in winning the National Championship, we'll be watching for the designation signs along our state highways, honoring this fine team & great coach Connecticut's pride- Jim Calhoun!

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Ricki said...

Mother Lightening of women's radio collective fame? It's ricki, checking in and saying hi! You can reach me at Go Huskies!

Mother Lightning said...

Wow, Ricki! How could one ever forget, never, ever!!!
So wonderful to hear from u*. I still have your most mavelous program, which I taped, it's somewhere in our barn, of that really great program u* did for one of the early Martin Luther King Day programs that we produced for the Woman's Radio Collective at WHUS 91.7FM, in the 70's.
Take good care w/ love & peace always, so very meaningful to hear from u*, it's been decades. How awesome!!!