Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Belief In Nature, In All Faiths, As I Walk Life's Path

My posting to the Peace Garden, prior to today's was a comment in response to a friend's comment. To view the discussion in it's entirety please refer back to the previous posting, of which the topic I chose to address being the holiday of Passover-

In an attempt to bring the topic of one person's faith based belief's up to today, & my current thought over the past few decades, I wanted to expound & share more fully on where my thinking, over this lifetime has evolved to, by adding what I've come to embrace as my currently evolved thinking to date, on the topic regarding my own search, in living a spiritual life, & the realizations that have come to pass during this journey of- having left, as it could be termed biblicaly, having left my parents home, to wander, of which I truly did-

" I view the faith that I was raised in, in childhood as a basis for understanding my personal relationship with God, nature, myself & humankind as a whole. I have a dear friend who told me what her father used to tell her family, "It's all, a wonderful story." I see it that way too, as a really good story handed down over the centuries, of a particular civilization which in modern day is viewed as Judaic-Christian. The stories of "All the Peoples of the Earth", also are wonderfully rich, with the inspirations that created them, & their various narratives & adventures.
The Passover Story has always "
spoken to me" in a most special way, as I find it an excellent metaphor of this modern day western civilization life span, hence the 40 years of wandering on the desert.
But what makes me feel ultimately grounded & whole is my personal relationship with nature, hence God that resides in us all, with no hierarchy, no head games, & our organic connections, of living a life. Thus my lifetime dedication as a peace & environmental/conservation activist."

I felt it was important to include this paragraph as not everyone that visits the Peace Garden
may be so inclined to view any of the posted comments, & I just wanted to be sure to give a fuller sense of where my perspective is coming from, as I do believe we are all interconnected, & no matter the situation, time or place that we inhibit & walk this earth, we are all mere mortals, human beings, with the potential of what is positive, & also most tragically the opposite too. All my life I have been fortunate in my quest for learning about the various religions of the world, as we all have more in common than not.

All of us one, under the sun.


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