Saturday, April 2, 2011

UCONN In The "Final Four", Project Runway, The Color Purple, & My Dog Dolly

My perky companion here, modeling a smidgen of my favorite color, in a traditional country scarf. Very nice, we all agree...
A fuller view of her fitness & style, very elegant, & with that expressive tail, just pausing with a thought, or two... to root for her favorite basketball team, the UCONN Huskies!
Ah, yes, the gaze to the outside world, of which she was about to return, but not with her new scarf on, which I think we'll put away & save for our fam*'s Passover & Easter gathering... , though she is rather sad that she couldn't quite make it to the Final Four event this weekend. Oh well that's what a TV is for, & when the holiday gathering time arrives, yes Dolly will listen carefully to the narrated details from our family member's adventure, play by play, as she so loves those Connecticut Husky dogs!

Really, what does "Project Runway", "The Color Purple", & my dog Dolly, along with UCONN basketball have to do with one another? Well now, let me tell you our story-

Finally a beautiful & sunny morning in our little corner of the world. It was like a hugh shout out, at the onset of the day, calling out, ever so brightly for color & fashion. Just the other day when I had to jaunt out for a few items, I decided to get some colorful bandanas, some traditional & some with a newer look, the reasoning was to use some as peace flags, & also for an upscale fashion look, for our favorite pooch, of whom you know I am talking...

Being Dolly has quite a few upcoming projects in the wings, our beginning this day, with a dose of my fav color purple, was just right for the energy needed to carry on. First I was off to the post office, & then next, for a sweet arangement of another fav, that very lively springtime flower, the pansey.

"The pansey's a flower that's noble & hardy...."

So everyone, enjoy this day, as it is truly all we have, on day at a time.
May peace be with you, during all of our April showers.... & the continued beauty of this springtime too.

Oh & by the by, our son posted a photo of our favorite basketball team of the day, of which I hope you will enjoy too, as he's one of the alum's in Houston at this Final Four Tournament, with hopefully a good report to share on the event at hand...


Thanks for these photos Zac, enjoy the game, & good luck UCONN, as we're rooting for "yaz" all!

Report just in- UCONN 56 * Kentucky 55 , next game in the Tournment Monday April 4th, we'll keep you posted...

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