Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bela Fleck, Garfield, & Stills of An April Weekend

On stage to the left is the gifted Bela Fleck on banjo, at center is Edgar Meyer on bass, & to our right sits, Zakir Hussain on tabala....
Our enthused & most receptive audience just before lights out at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts, at the University of Connecticut, campus in Storrs, Ct. on Friday April 8, 2011
The view above, reminds me of a French Impressionistic painting, what it is is a street scene as the audience was out on the grounds, of the performance hall, waiting for an all clear during the evening's performance. The fire alarms went off just after the first three or four numbers. Can you see the fire engine in the background? Yes, most definitely a hot act, which we enjoyed, as they were truly excellent, & so very gifted.
& What's a Sunday without catching up with the comics, & with Garfield no less, as he's still going strong.... , & looks quite good for his age. How old is Garfield now anyway?

Good weekend, no complaints I must say, though some hours after this photo was taken, I lacerated the tip of my finger on my left hand, cutting a bagel of all things. After much inner debate, steri strip it myself,or sutures at the ER. I decided on the sutures, just to be safe in the healing process.... Voila, no sutures necessary, I am now the proud recipient of a super glued finger tip, & I was also given a tetnus booster, which is just in time for this gardening season.

Ah, now, tell me, who remembers the song- Fingertips, by Stevie Wonder,

what goes arround comes arround. Yes, fingertips....

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John L. Stanizzi said...

Fingertips (Part 2). Oh man! That was one of the most incredible things I had ever heard! My bamboo is beautiful.

learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Mother Lightning said...

How very wonderful to revisit w/ u* here at the Peace Garden, dear friend from the 60's, & first ever Stevie Wonder, American Bandstand, E. Htfd. Ct., host w/ the most!
So happy, the bambo is flourishing, & of course it would be, for as a sensative & gifted poet that u* are, bringing forth prespective, art & very healing vibes, to make for a better world for all of our children & grandchildren, no matter how challenging the thoughts, for the times. The stalk of bambo extended, to represent, the hopefulness of spring, & remembering & honoring of a special friendship heading towards a half century in time...

& for those that are lovers of poetry please check out the work of our favorite Ct. poet-
John L. Stanizzi. Really Johnnie, I just don't know why u* weren't on American Bandstand w/ Dick Clark, as u* had the gift to pick the enduring artist, way back then, such as Little Stevie Wonder, u* were so excited w/ anticipation for this performance, which was as memorable as Stevie's playing! About even.

Mother Lightning said...

Hi Daniel,
Thank u* for your comment, from , it's a very cool link, & the very best to u* w/ your art business.
Art, what's not to love as it definitely feeds ths soul!