Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings to All

The beautiful & stately Easter Lily a tradition of elegence & hope...
These very pretty & sweet tasting mini donuts were ordered in advance by my husband as a special surprise treat, of which they were! I had promised to photograph them, as he had asked, but as you can see, they were beginning to disappear fast....
Some newly created characters awaiting their first performance. Here they are resting up a few days prior to showtime!
A sweet reminder of the simple things in life, that bring a note of happiness in childhood,
below is a scene midway through the first ever Easter Puppet Show performed by our grandchildren to a full house, to loads of applause!

Our interfaith family celebrated the coming of Easter along with the continuation of Passover, of which today is the fifth day. It was a lot of fun, with multiple generations sharing in the spiritual message of these two holidays of blessings, love, & goodwill with each other. Our thanks voiced, as to having personally arrived to this time & place in our lives, sharing thoughts & feelings regarding these two holidays & of what we hold as precious.

Food, food, glorious food, took center stage of course, as we shopped, prepared & feasted on the traditional dishes, & the ones that were a bit more surprising too. Everyone, really rose to a gourmet level of putting forth their own personal favorites, prepared with such tasteful skill, & delectably. Even Dolly my favorite pup, benefited from the feast, as she really seemed to enjoy the pleasure of the sedar plate's egg, & tomorrow it will be some chicken from what I put aside for her.

This year our annual egg hunt was held indoors, due to all the rain & mud outside. No complaints were voiced either, as all forty-nine eggs were found, with jellybeans & marshmallow bunnies hiding in the various eggs, all of bright & cheery springtime colors, which were collected in brand new beach buckets stuffed with green biodegradable Easter grass. We were also treated to our first ever puppet show, which our two grandchildren enthusiastically preformed. It really was a grand first time event, & we're looking forward to future performances, come additional holidays & other family gatherings.

Happy Easter Everyone, & a continued Happy Passover too!

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The Older Bean said...

It occurred to me today that a moment was missed during The Saturday Religious Bash. In the house were all the descendents of Sam Kapelner......his three children,his five grandchildren, and his two great grandchildren. It would have been a memorable photo, when will all those heirs be together again.......soon I hope. I'm sure the Rock was smiling and laughing up in the VIP seats in the sky. I miss him every time the Clan is together. Proud to be part of ROCKS STAFF.......

Mother Lightning said...

Love u* "B"! Yes, my father would be proud of his wonderful descendents- the sports fans, the scholars, the story telling puppet performers of the day- his grand, & great grandchildren, all have a part of him inside them too, for we all- so love it!

"Love is the soul." Ahava, & Amen