Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Decisions Are Slow With Many Facets---

I tend to be a slow & steady turtle of a being, when it comes to making important decisions, as when I do so it is with no regrets. Just a balanced way, but not without the pains & aches along life's road. Time waits for no one, & that includes me, but in each & every way, as I allow my heart to heal, I know I'll get there, & be just fine.
Last night when I was doing my usual stationary bike/treadmill workout, alternating back & forth; fifteen minutes on one, twelve minutes on the other, with a repeat to follow. I usually watch TV when I'm exercising as it's a substantial amount of time that I commit to, & watching TV helps me stay on target, this time I was tuned into PBS's Scientific America. The program topic I was viewing addressed the effects of stress on animals & humans. It was pointed out that in monkeys & humans alike: {dominance=aggression=stress}. From that formula is a high incidence of cardiac illness & other diseases. One would think, the cardiac researcher would say, it is the "Type A Personality" person, but not all so. The other personality types too, the ones that fell into an extended period of being exposed to the dominant one[s], they were even at greater risk, for the stress was at work doing it's destruction in the inner part of the body, such as the arteries that are intended to sustain the heart, due to the invisible emotional havoc that was going on.

All this is certainly something we already know, but what I saw & how it was explained from the scientists point of view, all backed up with very clear cut experiments. The results were quite amazing for all to see.

"By George I think I've got it!"
& yet another way, of which a friend may chuckle if I were to say: "Eureka, there's gold in these here hills!"

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