Monday, April 19, 2010

Springtime The Season Of Great Transition, Our Earth Days--

One never steps in the same river twice, & that includes the beautiful & interesting walks in our Audubon Sanctuary. Henry David Thoreau certainly knew his Walden, as we are better learning about our local pond too.
The full, greening of the green is almost upon us & just for fun, tonight on most PBS stations, the Documentary Film, "Earth Days", will be aired. Our baby boom, post atomic war generation, who gave to the world-- "Earth Day" will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of it's inception. Let's hear it for the Environmental-Conservation movement, as we keep on keeping on, as that is our only, true solution.

10:52pm, we just got done viewing "Earth Days", a true "must see". Why do you think it has taken 40 years to travel a few inches on the path to true environmental practicality? I think we know the answers to those, multifaceted questions. May we never give up.

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