Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peace, Love & Understanding....

I do learn something new every day. Even in the very worst of situations, once I have some distance from it, my thinking does shift & a new perspective arrives--

Violence will always beget violence & I was reminded of how, I too am a student of this teaching, as the reminder was, face to face, just the other day, for the truth will continue to set us free. The young people of our country who have been abandoned by their parents, & are forced to live in the war zones of our cities, take these unbelievable behaviors with them, until they too, someday, make a shift in their thinking, & turn their swords into plow shares.

Forgiveness is a most powerful remedy, I am learning first hand. I will not necessarily turn the other cheek, but will remain thankful of the lesson that was given. The person involved in engaging in this behavior, has potential, & opportunities on her horizon & as she goes forward in her life, she too will have the ability & perhaps the opportunity to help another youth someday to change a behavior.

Yes hurt & anger are true human emotions, it's difficult, but as mortals we work very hard to overcome & heal, yes I too can be my own Dali Lama, but it does take practice. I forgive this person, as I continue to forgive myself for my own imperfections, our so very human flaws & I thank this person for an eye opening opportunity, to further learn & grow.

A prayer for peace.


{*Post Script; As my brother told me just this evening-- The bullies of the world will always be with us, & I say, with each & every bully, a line in the sand is drawn, from which to step forward, as we face what it is, that is reflected back, our fear, of our own, deepest, fear.} *Amen*

*Next day thought of: 4/19/10, in relationship to this topic: It is a known fact that when an important lesson presents it's self to us, & if we don't take heed, & learn it properly the first time, it will repeat it's self, over & over again.... Practice will make "better", & once we have a better sense of it, that in it's self is a truth, eventually if we choose, we do master what it is that we are intended to learn, which is "our own truth", which does set us free. "Freedom!" , the cry of many an individual & a nation, even now.

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