Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Will Tell...

It's early AM of a new day, we just got in not too long ago from what is now a yearly event for us-- "The Albano Auction", which takes place every spring at the Albano Ballet School. Mr. A is a colorful character, he & my mother go way back, decades now, as she taught drama for one of his classes some forty years ago. It's a rather amusing evening as the real entertainment for the evening is Mr. A himself, the very animated auctioneer, working so hard at raising money for his nonprofit school, which is located in the same building where Katherine Hepburn learned to dance numerous decades ago on Farmington Avenue in Hartford.

Well just a few hours ago I purchased our very first genuine signed & numbered Chagall print. Yes, the arts, my true, true passion of living a life! Now just where to hang it in our small quaint abode? Time will tell.

And speaking of time, it's not like we have all the time in the world like the clocks on a wall, for as living creatures, time on this earth is limited, & no matter the obstacles we hurdle, it is good to remind ourselves that our enjoyments, pleasures & passions are oh so worth it.

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