Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spacious Skies In Thought & Deed

First view of the day, & the sky's the limit--
Coming home from an inspiring walk..... & being reminded that it all takes balance, like a rock.

Here it is Saturday, & if I were to celebrate it according to the tradition I was raised in I would observe the Sabbath Day, & in my own way I do---

I've just weathered interesting situations that could not be avoided, but after the storm, if one is safe, well, & intact, the thoughts can be sweet, & mine are as well.

Dolly's response to her new training program is coming along, as her pulling on the leash has lessened, & with that my shoulders have received a benefit too! Last night during her mini walk before coming in, we were greeted by the scent of my lilacs out front, on our slope. The magnolias are about to pass, which is always rather sad, but there are always new flowering productions on the horizon at the Peace Garden, which I'll be sure to share as the season evolves.

Unless we live in a bubble, there is no escape from the big or mini problems, personal world or world at large. It is never all good, but it is never all bad, either, it is what it is, though some of it we can prevent, or make better. Coal will always be a dangerous rock to mine, diseases that are borne from the industry, & lives that are lost in it's harvesting, all mind boggling, with a recent tragic reminder of so may lives lost. Oil rigs, both of sea & land, are positioned on the fine line of disastrous possibilities too. Also with jobs that provide limited opportunity for it's workers, as these industries are equivalent to brutal attacks on the Earth, of which outcomes human beings can not always predict or control. Sadly, just the other day in the Gulf of Mexico, a horrid fire, human & marine life lost, with possible contamination to come upon the shore. These are "man made disasters". We also have the naturally occurring ones, for one would think, isn't that enough, why contribute to the mix? Just think of the volcano in Iceland, which is occurring now & has put a total "no go" for human air transportation across Europe. Why should the Earth stop doing, "it's thing", & being who it is, just because we humans say "It's Earth Day!", who do we think we are? The Native Americans, & the other Indigenous Peoples of the World, certainly "got it" way before Western Civilization & it's values came on the scene. I truly wonder, & you probably do too, are human beings, ever going to "get it"?
I know, maybe the Academy Award film maker/Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore living in our collective "pop culture" will pop the popcorn, & make another film too. "Oh Mr. Vice President, Al Gore, are you free?"

Yes, April has been an interesting "Earth Month", as "Everyday is Earth Day, Everyday", "So help us God.", *Please, we love our Mother Earth, & we do the best we can. It's sad to learn that even when it is our best, it's not good enough, as governments, & businesses have been know to present obstacles, that to this day are sweepingly powerful, with just the nod of the head, the shake of the hand, & the stoke of the pen.


& Just An Hour Later:
After returning from a walk to check out these wonderful spring blooms, a thought occurred, both for myself & the other much greater issues of the day. "No more band aid solutions." It was our rallying slogan to keep our quaint country road maintained years ago, & it is basically the cry of "the world" today.

I just replaced a band aid on my lower leg this morning, to protect a minor scrape. Is that what we want to keep doing, using bandaids? Sure we wash it, apply antiseptic & even modern day steristrips or sutures, at times, but some situations require more.

Thoughts too are like the sea,
They will recede
In thought & deed.


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