Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life In Our Backyard

The thing about spring is this, when it arrives, it arrives, & when it is here, there is cheer. Pure cheer, as these blossoms doth sing.

Spring is always the newborn on the calendar of life, full of potential, hope & renewed energy. What's not to love!

For many of us there's the busy work-a-day week, full of commitments, time restraints, & just too much to do, in such a short span. Nature too has it's time frames, for springtime in New England is often experienced in it's purest, most spiritual & mystical of ways. Perhaps it's the soft colors of the season that enhances her promise & beauty, all very fleeting, going, going.... , yet hopefully with us for a time more, & not to be, too damaged by those powerful April showers which are always on the wing.

*Regarding Our Landscape-- We are fortunate to have numerous stonewalls that grace & ramble throughout our property, some ancient & some contemporary. The one shown in the photo with the daffodils was built by my husband, almost three decades ago, & really does complement the antique walls most appropriately, a fitting addition to our rambling landscape.
*Post Script; of which I forgot to mention-- Dolly's rash seems improved. The removal of the hay from her area, & the medicated cream, all that, with some dry sunny weather, there has been some good relief. Now it's all a matter of time, to see if we can sustain it. It's springtime of course, so I'll continue to check it, & remain hopeful, & keep you posted.

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