Monday, December 28, 2009

"He's Not Heavy He's My Brother"

Hearts of boundless love. In all honesty, he is heavy, my brother, & now that the main portion of the holidays are over, all I will say is this-- We all grow in our own time & fashion, & sometimes, it does take decades.....

The movie "The Royal Tannebaums", certainly has an essence of truth. We so love these movies of bizarre dysfunctional families. Does it make us feel, so normal & right? "You betcha!"

{*Post Script: The product, *Preparation H*; comes to mind as to a word that encapsulates some of these chapters that have been known to unfold from my extended family of childhood. Time, patience, & avoidance of the problemo is the required remedy, as we can only change ourselves. Yes a healthy diet, of thoughts, actions & deeds, as we live "not by bread alone".}

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