Saturday, December 5, 2009

*First*Snow*of *the*Season*

Cold weather here, considering just two days ago it was in the 60's & right now it's 32 degrees. This is Dolly's first snow of course. I don't really know what she thinks of it, but I will tell you this, "cold is cold". Dolly has an insulated igloo dog house, so she's all set for tonight, but probably not too happy. Me, well we're hunkered in, mini pizza & Greek salad this evening with an evening tea time fast approaching. I'm working this weekend & after work tomorrow I'm going to help to make latkas for the Sisterhood Chanukah party, that's fast approaching this coming Wednesday. At this time of year we also put together gift bags for a local woman's shelter, [*oye the problems that violence begets]. I won't be able to attend the Chanukah party that's coming up, as this week's schedule is shaping up to be a real busy one, with a Conservation Commission meeting also of this same week. I have important tasks & errands that are slated to get done early in the week & being I work only two-- three days a week depending, it sure seems that much of what it is I have to get done, like most of us, comes all at once. Time management is certainly the key, as "time's a-ticking...."

Have a good week everyone, & I'll be sure to touch base at the Peace Garden once I have time to once again reflect & share.


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