Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Perfect Day To Cut New Trails*

Just enough packed powder to make it worthwhile, skiing in the woods never gets old.

A sport that never goes out of style with us is cross country skiing, though you do need at least 6" of snow, even if you have the most promising terrain, [like a golf course which is not known for sharp rocks & all]. Here where we live we need at least a foot of snow, as we have very rocky terrain. The snow we received by this recent blizzard left our woodland in pretty good shape, so we were off...

It was wonderful to cut these new trails for the season, we'll just have to hope that this packed powder lasts awhile, & doesn't turn to slush & ice too soon. This year we decided to go with a wax less ski, as our decades old wooden ones were starting to come apart, so this was our Chanukah & Christmas gifts to one another, we are now all set, & hope to really enjoy a new fashioned/old fashioned skiing winter. It certainly will enable us to not only stay active, but to take in & enjoy the simple wonders of nature that being out in the snow provides.

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