Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Enjoying The Lay Of The Land OnThis Snowy Day

When Auntie B & Uncle S , were here visiting from N.J. , our sweet dear friends brought with them a gravy flavored bone, for the newest member of our pack.
She's determined not to let go--
Looking for something, it's the nose that will ultimately provide her solution....

We woke up to it snowing again, but I'm hoping by later in the afternoon, I'll be able to get a few short errands in. My skill of how to use the printer for making documents straight from this computer screen is relatively new. Copies in general are easy enough, but it was the know how of incorporating my new learned skill to go from computer screen to paper, which I must say was a big accomplishment. Now of course I'm totally out, zippo, zero of black printer ink. So if my sleigh dog determination remains into the afternoon, I'll be out for a quick mush in the slush, & knowing our Mark Twain weather patterns here, I can defiantly count on that.

Here's Dolly enjoying the discoveries of her first winter ever. I can't deny, cute is cute, even when it comes to a goofy mutt like mine.


{*Important Post Script from the Peace Garden: Though it's a beautiful snow wonderland here in our neck of the woods, we never for a moment forget that we as a Nation, remain at war. Our teeny, tiny group of "Citizens for Peace & Justice", have not been able to stand together on our local corner for some time now, due to lack of day & time that is agreeable to all, but with an increase of our military troops being sent again to a far distant land, we have decided to some how, some way, find a day & time that is as agreeable to as many of us as can be, to continue to-- "Stand for Peace". All I need to do now is get my boots waterproofed, for it gets very cold on that dark, wintry corner, & when you stand for an hour, those sixty minutes tick, ever so slow. It's the least we can do in exercising our right to "free speech", for as a specie, war will never be the answer, if we are to continue to continue....

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