Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going By The Book

All puppies grow & eventually become full grown dogs. Mine is no exception. Dolly is cute & lovable. Due to all that is mixed in her-- beagle, Australian herding dog, terrier & even pit, she has blossomed into a very sweet, yet strong willed, a very determined pooch. In less than a month she has escaped from her backyard kennel, three times, & twice in one day. We could build a tighter, stronger kennel, that of course is doable, or we could put her on a run. I have always found that putting a dog on a run tends to make them nippy, & who needs that. I may need to find a more appropriate home for her, we definitely have the room for her to run, but due to her strong need to herd, she just has to take off, no matter if a neighbor is out in his neck of the woods doing whatever.... there she goes. She may just need an owner that has more energy than I honestly think I have for these ongoing, dog development years ahead.

I will definitely have to think this over. She is still at a stage in her development where she would be the prefect pet for the perfect owner. In all honesty I'm uncertain at this point in time if she & I are truly the right match for one another, as she is not as laid back as the rescue people initially thought she would be, & I definitely want to do the right thing by Dolly, it all will just take some time. Her running off & repeatedly intruding on our neighbor by being a diligent Houdini, is not a scenario I'm prepared to continue to play, so I will have to decide what is best for all, *oye.

*End Of The Day Note: My husband worked on Dolly's kennel early this evening, he added an additional latch to the door. We had to go out this evening for a casual meeting with our "peace peep" friends, the locks all held, & we're in dogie business again. So Dolly & I will take it one paw printed step at a time, it may still work out. Whatever comes of all of this, I just want the very best for this pure hearted pup.

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