Sunday, October 25, 2009

A True Stairway To Heaven, Which Was Once Under The Sea*

This past week has gone by so fast, nonetheless I couldn't resist rounding up a few more images of last Sunday's, not so typical, "walk in the park". Photos can't possibly capture it, as it was amazing to learn that this section of North America was at one time totally, under the sea.
So what we were viewing & walking on are the crevices, & rock formations at the bottom floor of an ocean, totally emptied of the sea water it once contained. The stairs, paths, & embankment rocks were of course placed by a crew of men from a work project for the State of NY's state park system. So very beyond words this unbelievable workmanship, to appreciate & enjoy for generations.

This has been my latest buzz, when asked what's new, & what we've been up to. The absolute joy & thrills of nature, & you don't have to travel very far to view these amazing occurances, they can be found at--

Robert H Treman State Park-
Buttermilk State Park-


Anonymous said...

The work done in these parks were done primarily by depression era work crews like the WPA, the CCC etc. It is a testament to quality work done in a bygone era that endures to this day. They don't do it like they used to........and within a government run project.

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U for completing the information of who worked on these wonderful parks, as I so agree w/ your comments on the quality of this work, which lives on to this very day....