Friday, October 16, 2009

Dolly's Great Adventure*

Well we're off to the great white north, tomorrow morning, it's been snowing there on & off for some days now, brrrrr. Dolly's at the kennel under the watchful eyes of her dogie care taking Aunt & Uncle. I miss her. She's been there for several days now as there's much to do to get ready for our trip & bringing her in several days early was a compromise agreement on the part of the kennel owners & myself. Just several hours before we were to go I discovered she was missing from the yard. A few concerned phone calls to my son & husband, & I finally figured out that she had followed my husband's car out of the yard, on his departure from the property. "Dolly, Dolly!", I called & waited, called & called, from the deck, the front porch & all angles of the yard, it felt so strange, here I was in the midst of what was becoming a "dogie drama" & then it was over, she suddenly appeared, like out of no where, like a movie; panting, out of breath, seemingly exhausted, relieved, so very happy to have found her way back home. For the near hour when I discovered she was missing, it was like she had vanished, would I ever see her again, & then there she was, like out of no where. She must have lost her way in the woods for a bit, & all she needed was the urgent call of her new owner, "Dolly, Dolly", what a set of radar ears.


Michelle and Anthony said...

Glad she returned! I've mourned Sula's loss more times than I can count....and then she shows back up every time. Have a great trip!

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U Michelle & Anthony. Being back in the dog/club has been very.... all sorts of, funny & heartfelt moments!