Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Rain, Rain & More Rain Today, A Good Time To Bake Cookies*

I have this really good batch of dough which I had to freeze, for peanut butter cookies. I was so busy a few weeks ago & just couldn't get into devoting the time needed to bake a batch, but today's perfect for that, so here goes, time to wrestle with the carbs, but this recipe has a good amount of protein from the peanut butter & the egg whites, so a few chocolate chips really won't hurt.

What do you think? I know Hillary said she doesn't bake cookies, & I don't make them as often as I used to, but there's nothing like a fresh batch right out of the oven., especially on a damp rainy day. Now if I remain determined & guilt free, I'll be certain to hop on the bike & tread mill later. Dolly usually enjoys keeping me company when I do that, & perhaps a cookie for her too, as she's been so very good.

"News Flash", "News Flash"-- I've been a sampling, & they are *excellent & to think, healthy too!

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