Saturday, October 10, 2009

Images & Symbols, Reminders Of Our Greater Selves*

Yes, it is wonderful that our new President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Peace, the essence of a positive life, among nations, within our own communities & the bodies, minds & spirits of each & every one of us, it is the ultimate, the finest aspect of any human being.

With that said, what remains-- Congratulations to all citizens of the United States of America for this noble distinction, as with this award, goes great responsibilities for all of us, in keeping with the spirit for, "Peace on Earth."

The way to peace is a personal yet mutual path. As Confucius from centuries past continues to remind us-- "Forget injuries, never forget kindness." Peace has always been at hand, & it is for us to decide how we are to continue to live. One of the challenges that has remained with us, is that some interpret acts of peaceful, loving kindness, as a weakness to be over powered. Will human beings ever see the the day when a small element of our specie is able to put aside a sense of acting out on their hurts & negative feelings from so deep within them? Those of us who refuse to accept the opposite of peace as a negotiating tool must forever remain hopeful, for a grim alternative to hope, in this nuclear age, that we were born into, conflicts with all of our positive human potential, as world wars, no matter the number they named the war, or the slogan that had been given or sung, the historical proof is that the solutions that came from these conflicts often times produced other far reaching problems for the ills of humanity.

All we can do is to keep keeping on, & as we do that we must remember that the Nobel Prize for Peace brings with it an awesome responsibility for us to always do the right thing.

As Tavis Smiley would say at the end of each and every program-- "Keep the faith." I say that too, & add of course, "Peace be with you."

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